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The kingdom is in danger, the King has been assassinated, and the lone successor to the throne, the Prince has been captured. It is now the duty of the knight to try his best to save the kingdom from falling into evil hands.


  • W/SPACE to jump.
  • A and D to move.
  • Hold S while moving to roll.
  • Hold LMB to attack.
  • Hold RMB to block.


  1. The Prince, The Enemy Knights, The Wizards are made by LuizMelo.
  2. The Main Knight is made by Sven.
  3. The tileset is a free tileset on craftpix.net.


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The Knight for Windows 23 MB
The Knight for MacOS 25 MB
The Knight for Linux 25 MB


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Something appears to have gone wrong with the Linux export. The linux download is just the executable. It doesn't have the .pck file.

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Oops, I am sorry. It was my first time exporting to Linux. I'll fix that.

Edit:  Fixed, thanks!


you can easily cheese the game by blocking while moving! also camera smoothing would work wonderfully with the game. a reward for killing enemies would be very good! i would recommend you read or watch some game design stuff (like gmtk). a really good game for only 4 months! also the tutorial doesnt tell you some stuff like the fact that you can double jump and climb ledges. the double jumping is a bit weird, do you add the jump velocity? i recommend making the y velocity equal to the jump velocity when you jump. (velocity.y = jumpforce)


Thank you so much for the suggestions. I will sure work on those. I started watching GMTK but only after I published the game, but I'm working on that too. Thanks a lot once again. :)